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What Defines Trazi?

Trazi's core values are our recipe for success. They've defined our identity since the very beginning, and they bring us together as we continue to evolve. The core values we stand for are:


Mutual Respect

In every action, remember: Don't be an a**hole.



Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Speak Up

Share your thoughts, openly constructively, and respectfully to continuously improve.


Own It

Your responsibilities, your work, your mistakes.

Our Unique Hiring Formula

As part of our culture, we take our hiring process seriously and we are very selective with whom we bring into the team. We are constantly looking for the best talent…but who truly belongs in our team? Those who are:


You are passionate, a self- starter, and have a growth mindset.



You know your value, but you also know there’s room for growth and improvement. (Divas step aside)



You have learned to learn, and you have skills that you continue to expand.

Trazi Tribe
The Trazi Tribe

The Trazi Tribe

At Trazi we are One Happy Family. We share dreams, hard work, and we genuinely care about each other. It’s infectious and hard to explain, but we all feel lucky to have come together. People often wonder how we are able to have so much fun while still being successful.

In the past year I have learned more than in the last 5 years of my professional career. I have also found friends for a lifetime and I’m enthusiastic about the endless opportunities.

We Are
Visionary Leaders

We Are
Fun & Friendly

We Are
One Of A Kind

We Are Trazi

How It All Started

Elvis Dzebic was born in Velika Kladusa, Bosnia and after escaping to a Croatian refugee camp as a child, he moved to San Francisco with his parents and younger brother. It didn't take long for his entrepreneurial spirit to emerge in the Golden City. In early 2000, he sold a Myspace page to a local media company and thus began his career in performance marketing. After graduating from high school, Elvis founded his first company in the penny auction space which competed with large established leaders such as Qbids. After a very profitable two years, Dzebic sold the company to a large competitor. In 2012, Dzebic invested in a small public information company and served as Chairman of the Board for three years. After seeing the immense potential in the business from a seat on the Board, he decided to take an active role in the day to day operations. Still wanting to aim higher, Dzebic bought out his partners and moved the company from Los Angeles to Orlando in 2017. He upgraded the entire staff and took over the Media and Product division himself.

Today, it is the top three property in the public information space and considered one of the best places in Orlando to work for. The staff is made up of highly intelligent, hard-charging individuals who are executing as well as adding to and improving Elvis's vision. We are excited for the continuing journey ahead.


What’s Next?

The next endeavor for us is to become the greatest product in the people search market, and then apply everything that we've learned to other industries. We like to aim high and we are working hard to continue growing and becoming the best at what we do.

If this sounds exciting and you think you might be a good fit for our team, check out all the roles for which we are hiring. We’d love to meet you and learn more about you!

What We Like To Do